Are red roses over-rated?

There's something about the colour red in February. Especially red roses. Some might say red roses during Valentine's are over-rated. Well, who cares! There's definitely some magic they create. Present a lovely red roses bouquet (or even a single red rose for that matter) to your sweetheart and see the glow on her face... nothing can beat it!

Of course, one thing can - presenting red roses on any random day, when there's no special occasion. But tell me, does this really happen?

So Mrinal surprised me with this beautiful bouquet last Valentine's. It was all the more special since, unlike me, Mrinal doesn't believe in bouquets! The only time when he brought me some flowers before last Valentine's was on our first wedding anniversary... obviously, it was a great surprise.

So whatever people talk about 'marketing gimmicks', doesn't 14th February (that doesn't actually mark your birthday / anniversary) make one more day of your year truly special?

And if you don't want to fall prey to the so-called advertising tricks and get her roses on this day (for whatever reasons), do surprise her a week in advance. Now that she will expect a bigger and better bouquet on the V-Day is another thing ;)

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