Kareena Kapoor Mad at Valentine's Day Critics

Kareena Kapoor has lashed out at the critics of Valentine's Day. She says that those who don't like the concept of the romantic day should sit at home, watching TV or go to sleep.

Pink Chaddi Do, Saree Lo on Valentine's Day

While the consortium of pub going, loose and forward women launched ‘Pink Chaddi Campaign' to protest Pramod Muthalik led Sri Ram Sene's warning against celebrating Valentine Day, Sri Ram Sene is talking about giving sarees in return!

Check out the video here.

Valentine's Day Linkin Park Lyrics

Linkin Park - Valentine's Day lyrics
My insides all turned to ash / So slow
And blew away as I collapsed / So cold
A black wind took them away / From sight
And now the darkness over day / that night
And the clouds above move closer
looking so dissatisfied
but the heartless wind kept blowing, blowing
I used to be my own protection / But not now
Cause my path had lost direction / Somehow
A black wind took you away / From sight
And now the darkness over day / That night
And the clouds above more closer
looking so dissatisfied
and the ground below grew colder
as they put you down inside
but the heartless wind kept blowing, blowing
So now you're gone
And I was wrong
I never knew what it was like
To be alone on a Valentine's Day
On a Valentine's Day On a Valentine's 
I used to be my own protection
On a Valentine's Day/ But not now
Cause my mind has lost direction
On a Valentine's Day/ somehow
On a Valentine's Day
I used to be my own protection
On a Valentine's Day/ But not now
On a Valentine's Day
Cause my mind has lost direction
On a Valentine's Day/ Somehow

Valentine's Day lyrics

Valentine Song Lyrics - Willie Nelson

Lyrics | Willie Nelson lyrics - Valentine lyrics

This Valentine's Day, Save Trees - Send Video Greeting Cards

Love is in the air with Valentine's Day just round the corner. Flowers, candlelight dinners, weekend getaways... are all that we think about as we near 14th February. And of course, there are these super cute and romantic paper greeting cards.

Alright, it's pretty romantic to present your beloved with a lovely and big paper greeting card. But just imagine the number of trees that would be cut if everyone thinks in the same manner. This Valentine's Day, save trees for your love... gift your beloved a beautiful and green world to live in! Trust me, it a lot better than a few seconds when she / he smiles holding a Valentine's Day greeting card.

And if you do wish to see your beloved smile by presenting a card, opt for a video greeting card instead. It's unique, you can dedicate a song, personalize it, it's fast and free and good for the environment as well!

So go ahead and have a romantic Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s Day Story – St Valentine in Rome

Once upon a time in Rome, there was a Christian Saint called Valentine who was very friendly with kids.

Those were the times when Romans were not in favor of Christianity. In fact, the Roman regime used to persecute preachers of Christianity. Yet, Valentine continued his faith and did not worship Roman Gods. This led to his imprisonment by Emperor Claudius II.

While he was in prison, the kids used to miss him. They started dropping notes and flowers to him through the bars of his cell’s window. Perhaps this is the reason why we exchange messages and presents flowers on Valentine’s Day.

It is said that Valentine befriended the jailer’s blind daughter who help him communicate with the kids. He started praying for her and gradually the jailer’s daughter regained her eyesight.

It is believed that Valentine was later killed as he tried to help Christians escape from the Roman prison. Some say that Emperor Claudius II was impressed by Valentine's kindness. He was ready to free Valentine if he agreed to worship Roman Gods. Valentine, a firm believer of Christianity however refused and tried to convert the Emperor instead. An enraged Claudius ordered Saint Valentine’s execution on February 14.

Legend has it that before his death, Valentine wrote a farewell note for the jailer's daughter and signed it "From Your Valentine”. This expression is popularly used on Valentine’s Day even now.

Valentine's Day

It's true that love's in the air every single moment. But it's also true that we don't feel its presence given our busy lifestyle. Having a day in the year, 14th February, dedicated to it is cute. All right, many debate it being a marketing stuff etc etc and enough controversy is generated on Valentine's Day as well, but then don't we celebrate other days too?

C'mon, don't tell me you don't feel that people are more romantic and behave better on that one day. Whatever be the 'hype', it does make a sweet difference.

I dedicate this blog to Valentine's Day. The blog will focus on the related stories, issues, controversies, greetings, news and views on this special day of love.

Let's spread love... we need it at such times, isn't it?