10 Tips to surprise her this Valentine's Day

Some are cliche ideas, some innovative. But your beloved would definitely be impressed if you surprise her using any of these tips:
  1. Send her a bouquet at her office or at midnight. Flowers always work!
  2. Facebook status update - Write something to show how much you love her. Keep the status intact at least for the entire day ;)
  3. YouTube - Upload a video declaring your undying love for her.
  4. Cook for her... and cook good.
  5. Recreate your first proposal / date scene. If it hasn't happened yet -ask her out now!
  6. The evergreen hand written love letter never fails.
  7. Send her romantic text messages at random intervals... but not every 5 mins ;)
  8. If you stay together, nothing's better than a candlelit room... of course, I mean aromatic ones!
  9. Make one of her wishes come true.
  10. Even if you really think so, do not tell her how you hate Valentine's Day if she really likes the day.


Bikram said...

OK ...
can i apply this to any girl he he he heeh :) try all the 10 on 10 different one's Hopefully one will appreciate he he he
ok sorry sorry bad joke :)


Lakshmi Rajan said...

lol's at Bhikram :P Greed is the root cause of all misery :P

Ok. so what we did this valentine? Played whole day with our this years valentine Gift from God - our 11 month old baby :)

soulcare said...

Every day is V day !~http://blog.soulcare.in/

singh from callezee said...

This is called a Social Media Valentines day

vivek said...

superb tips tips and among this i dd 1 that is sending her flowers and she was stunned when she received it... do this whenever you feel this is not hte one that should be done only on feb 14....

Pritz said...

Can u write about how to surprise a guy? that would be helpful.